My 6 Step Programme for Optimising Health and Wellbeing


Step 1 is hydrating the body through what we eat and drink. This alone can have a huge impact on the way we feel both physically and mentally!

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The Basic Therapeutic Diet

What we eat makes us! So step 2 in optimising your health and wellbeing is to look at which foods are right for your own unique body.

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Purposeful Supplementation

The internet is full of recommendations on supplements for different symptoms. Step 3 is about looking at which supplements are right for your own unique body.

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Toxins play a huge role in the way we think and feel. In step 4 we look at how we can reduce our intake of toxins and get toxicity out of the body through natural detoxification techniques.

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Lifestyle Changes

Step 5 looks at our sleep habits, ways of reducing stress levels, the types of movement that are right for our bodies and other simple yet effective lifestyle changes.

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Lab Testing

Whilst improvements can be made from looking at someone's symptoms and history alone, lab testing allows us to truly tailor your wellbeing plan to you!

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