Summer Salmon Salad

Stuck for ideas on what to rustle up in summer? Try this wonderful healthy summer salad recipe and share with your friends and family.

Low FODMAP Tacos

Stuck for ideas on what to rustle up in summer? Try these wonderfully tasty Tacos, ideal for sharing and great for catering for all kinds of dietary requirements including low FODMAP.

BBQ Jerk Chicken

Stuck for ideas of what to cook on a BBQ? Try this wonderful FODMAP friendly, healthy BBQ recipe and share with your friends and family.

Chickpea and Cucumber Salad

BBQ season is well under way and often there are plenty of BBQ meat dishes that are shared for you to try. However, if you’re not eating meat it can sometimes be a challenge finding new and exciting recipes to try.

So here is a lovely low FODMAP chickpea salad recipe that you can rustle up for both guests and yourself.

stir fry

Colourful Stir Fry

Feeling tempted by a Chinese Take Away? Try my ‘Fake Away’ version for something that is Low FODMAP, a lot more nutritious and tastier too!

French bean and mangetout recipe

French Beans & Mangetout With Hazelnut & Orange

A wonderful nutty salad that works perfectly mixed in with zesty orange! If you haven’t yet discovered the delights of hazelnut oil then this salad is sure to become a staple within your salad favourites. A tasty salad that can be prepped ahead of time.


Garlic, Turmeric & Lemongrass Prawns

Thai inspired, these prawns are quick and healthy and always a hit when I host a BBQ. Garlic, turmeric and lemongrass go beautifully together!

chicken salad

Broccoli Buckwheat Grilled Chicken Salad

Buckwheat and broccoli, a wonderfully nutritional combination! Broccoli as well as being a great source of fibre and protein contains a wealth of nutrients and antioxidants and buckwheat is a highly nutritious whole grain known to provide a number of health benefits.

steamed white fish

Steamed White Fish with Spring Onion

Spring onions are coming into season and I love them for so many reasons. They add a light onion flavour to dishes and, best of all, take significantly less cooking time compared to regular white or red onions. They’re equally at home in British cooking as they are in Asian-inspired dishes. Those who experience digestive discomfort like bloating with white onions may also find they’re ok with spring onions provided they use the green part only [green part of spring onions appears in low FODMAPs programmes]. This is a really easy, delicious recipe I love.

vegan pizza

Oil Free, Raw Vegan Pizza

This oil free, salt free and low fat vegan pizza is tasty and SIBO friendly! A courgette crust, layered with a tomato and lemon sauce and topped with tasty veggies such as tomatoes and avocados. Enjoyable for the whole family!