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Picture of a castor oil plantThe internal environment our 75 trillion cells live in dictates our overall health.  We create toxicity in that internal environment every day through the air we breathe, what we eat and drink, through electromagnetic waves, environmental toxins, what we put on our skin, the chemicals we use to clean our homes, even our thoughts!

We look initially at the levels of toxicity that may be contributing to your symptoms and how to reduce your exposure.  Then we work with ancient naturopathic detoxification techniques to build a programme that opens up your detoxification pathways at a pace that you can cope with.  There is an order to everything and draining the lymph before opening up bowels and liver for example can do more harm than good.  So we build these proven techniques into your health and wellbeing programme in the right order and at the right time for you, in rhythm with nature’s cycles.

The techniques support elimination of toxins through the intestines, bile, liver, kidneys, blood, lymph and cells.  They are not complicated and can have a beneficial impact on both your body and mind.

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