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Picture of waterOur bodies are made predominantly of water.  The cells in our central nervous system are 85% water!  Water makes our blood, our gastric juices, our saliva, and so on.

When we start to see symptoms at any level, the first thing we must do is hydrate our bodies.

We lose a minimum of 4 pints of water every single day just from our normal bodily functions of sweating, urinating, breathing, etc.  So you can see why it becomes so important to rehydrate.  On top of that we eat, drink and breathe in a whole host of things that cause us to lose even more water, such as alcohol, caffeine and gluten.

So we need to ensure we are placing what we lose every day, and contrary to popular belief that doesn’t mean drinking more tea!  In fact, whenever we put something in water, our bodies have to then break that substance down like food.  So plain, clean, glass bottled or filtered water is the key and the cornerstone to any health and wellbeing programme.  Water can give the body the message to cleanse, so ideally increasing water intake should be done under supervision  as suddenly increasing water intake from nothing to 4 pints a day can be too much for some people.

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