IBS Workshop

Improve Your Gut Health

IBS can cause unwanted symptoms that affects your day to day life. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Come along to this workshop to learn about how you can improve your digestive health through Yoga, Naturopathic Nutrition and Hypnotherapy.


Begin to unwind during a yoga session with Saf, who will share some simple yoga postures suitable for beginners and yoga enthusiasts. Learn to strengthen, gently stretch and relax the abdominal organs. Understand how to use yoga and your breath to align your mind and body to relieve the symptoms of stress and abdominal symptoms.

Naturopathic Nutrition

Then take back control of your digestion with Bee, a qualified naturopathic nutritionist and registered SIBO practitioner, specialising in IBS. Learn what affects your digestion and how this varies from person to person. Take away some practical tools, that will lay the foundations for better health.


End with Tania who will take you through a powerful hypnosis session where your mind is highly receptive to the power of positive suggestions, The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has recognised the benefits of hypnotherapy for IBS. Learn techniques you can continue to practice at home.


When: Saturday 18th May

Time: 10:00 – 13:00

Where: Little Box Gym Chorlton

How much: £55

Places are limited, so get in touch now for more details and information on how to book your place!

What others have said:

“I recommend this course for people struggling with IBS. It’s a great place to get some understanding and immediate relief.”

– Neil

“I found the workshop to be really informative and very helpful; it’s delivered by facilitators who have had real life experiences of IBS so they know what they are talking about. I could easily have spent more time learning and experiencing new things from these fab facilitators.”

– Miss S R