Naturopathic Nutritionist Manchester

Naturopathic Nutritionist Manchester

Have you been told you just have to live with your gut symptoms? What if I told you you can Get Your Gut Right and feel like your old self again?

How to Work With Me

Holistic Nutritionist Approach

As a holistic naturopathic nutritionist, I help people to find the root cause of their frustrating digestive issues and provide solutions to help them take control of their gut health once and for all and get their guts right!

Over the course of 12 weeks I will help you understand the causes of your gut health and give you the tools to get your gut right. Programmes start from £675, so book your free Digestive Rescue call with me today to find out how we can start that process. 

During your call we will take a look at your own personal health issues, how they are affecting you, what you’ve tried to date and the type of support you need moving forward so that you can get clear on your next steps to better gut health.

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Tired of feeling rubbish?

Whether it be beating that bloat, avoiding those tummy troubles, eradicating those embarrassing bowel symptoms or reigning in that reflux…

I can help you to weave your way through all the confusing and conflicting information out there and understand what to eat to avoid symptom flares without having to eat bland foods.

How does it work?

Step 1

Book a FREE 30 minute Digestive Rescue Call where we can discuss your health goals and see if we are the right fit to work together. You'll fill out a short Health Questionnaire to help us make the most out of the 30 minute call.

Step 2

The length and type of programme will be agreed. Programmes run over the course of a 12 week period and start from £675. The frequency of sessions will depend on the level of support you decide is right for you.

Step 3

We start with an initial consultation, lasting for 90 minutes, which gives us the time we need to really explore your current health concerns and goals, symptoms, medical history, family history, diet, lifestyle to explore the causes of your symptoms.

Step 4

We will then have regular follow-up consultations during which I will give you dietary, supplement, testing, detoxification and lifestyle recommendations and support you to put them into practice.

Step 5

If you decide that you would like to do some functional medicine lab testing, such as stool testing or SIBO testing for example, in order to aid the investigative process, I can support you to do so and interpret the results.

Over 12 weeks

You will get ...

What Support will you receive in the programme?

  • An initial 90 minute personal consultation
  • Follow-up consultations to see how you are getting on and move you onto the next stage of your gut health plan
  • In-depth health and lifestyle assessment to consider symptoms, medical history, family history, stress levels, emotional health and other possible causes behind your symptoms
  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice
  • Personalised supplement plan
  • Health coaching to support you to put my recommendations into practice and sustain them
  • Careful analysis of any medication and nutrient interactions where applicable
  • Recommendations on lab testing
  • Interpretation of lab testing
  • Education around nutritional and lifestyle recommendations
  • Personalised recommendations around meals, drinks and snacks


Programmes start from £675, get in touch to find out more about the programmes I offer and what will be the best course of action for your health journey.

Unfortunately not. As a holistic nutritionist, to understand your current health issues and to support you to implement the food and lifestyle changes needed to achieve your health and wellbeing goals, we will need to work together over a period of time.

In my experience as a qualified naturopathic nutritionist, clients achieve the best outcomes when supported over an extended period of time. 

I recommend and interpret a whole range of functional medicine lab tests. Some routine blood tests can be requested from your GP and some are an additional cost. Functional testing includes but are not limited to microbiome / gut bacteria / stool testing, SIBO testing, mycotoxin testing, adrenal testing, thyroid testing, DUTCH hormone testing and organic acid testing. However, many of my clients see results without testing – testing just helps us to identify root causes more quickly and be more targeted in our approach but is not essential if your budget does not allow, as any testing is additional to the package price.

I work closely with top labs and offer a range of tests. However, this is only something I offer clients as part of a support package. It is only by gathering information from you in the initial consultation that I can make the best recommendations financially as to which tests you need. As part of my packages I also explain how to prepare for your test to avoid false positive or false negative results and help you to interpret the results and build a programme individualised to you to address anything the testing uncovers.

The frequency of how often we speak will depend on your current health and what you want to achieve, but will be for a minimum duration of 12 weeks, over which time we will speak either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. I will advise on the level of support I feel you need during our free 30 minute digestive rescue call.

Yes, I do also work with children and young adults. Book in a free 30 minute chat with me and we can discuss their needs and how I can help.

I see clients via video call through my secure telehealth portal.  

However, if you live locally and prefer to see me face-to-face, I can see clients at my gut health clinic in Wilmslow, Cheshire. 

Yes, I work with people globally and run all the sessions via my secure telehealth video call platform.

If you live outside of the UK, make sure you select Zoom when booking in the free review.

I specialise in gut health and in my experience gut health is implicated in every health condition and associated with every symptom you can think of! Many of my clients have hormonal issues, skin problems or complex fatigue conditions like fibromyalgia, CFS/ME, long covid, all of which are associated with poor gut health and also mycotoxins from mould exposure. I am trained in mycotoxin illness.

Yes, I can work with clients on weight loss programmes, supporting them to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way and to keep that weight off without the cravings!

Gut Health Nutritionist Manchester

Book your free Digestive Rescue Call with me today

What if you didn’t have to keep suffering with tummy troubles? You don’t have to wait a moment longer – I’m here to guide and support you to better digestive health – Book Your Call Today.

What My Clients Say

Before I started working with Bee I had very low energy and had had years of problems with my digestion and thyroid, finding the doctor's prescriptions covered symptoms but did not solve the underlying problems. Bee, became my SIBO nutritionist. Through her consultations I have cured myself of parasites, thyroid issues, sibo, sleep problems, low energy and mood. I feel better at 52 than I have done for years and positive that any future health difficulties could be overcome with Bee's help.
I have contacted Bee when am really feeling hopeless with gut problems. Bee really helped me with her holistic nutritionist approach in going through certain tests and made me understand what's going on in my gut and also overall health based on my other health issues of thyroid and how they are interlinked. I have gone from feelings of hopelessness to optimal health and really want to express my gratitude for her guidance. I will highly recommend Bee to anyone who wants to improve their health.
Bee has been so helpful with my digestive issues. The 12 week course has helped me with: stress management, hydration, anxiety, hormonal imbalances and finally getting to a point where I can replace gluten, feel less bloated and most importantly, not feel like I am missing out or abstaining from anything. I have lost weight. Another goal was to feel more energy and Bee's recommendations of supplements has really helped me with this and my energy levels are so much better.

Book your 30 minute Digestive Rescue Call

I offer a free 30 minute Digestive Rescue Call to explore how I can help you get your health back on track.

What to expect from a free call:

I will give you a call on the time and date selected, so please be ready to sit down with me and have a chat about your health.

The call will last 30 minutes and we will run through things like:

  • Any health concerns you have
  • Supporting you to set your own health goals
  • How we can best work together to support your future health

Just select a date and time that works for you in the box here by scrolling down with your mouse or the scroll bar inside the box.

If you can’t find a time that suits you, just send me an email and let me know your enquiry.


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