Purposeful Supplementation

Picture of someone holding handful of supplementsDue to agricultural methods depleting the mineral content of our soil and the way in which food is processed for us to consume, we can no longer get all the nutrients we used to be able to from our alone.  With Dr Google so readily available to us, it then becomes easy for us to start googling possible supplements for possible symptoms.  But supplements again are a very individual thing and what works for one person might not be right for your genetic make-up.  Some  people need more of a particular supplement than others as well.  For example, smoking drastically increases vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  Another thing that often gets overlooked in “self-medicating” with supplements is that the liver has to process everything we take in so supplements have to be introduced in the right order at the right time for our body to be able to do deal with them efficiently.

Supplements can not only help improve physical health and wellbeing, they can also help with mood, addictions, etc by giving our bodies the nutrients they need.  They can also be used in a more targeted way, for example to heal the digestive tract.

But there are so many different brands out there and not all supplements are made equal.  How much of a supplement we can actually absorb depends on it’s “bioavailability”.  Also many supplements have additional ingredients added to them which our bodies see as foreign particles which they need to excrete, putting more strain on our bodies.

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