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Success Stories

Read about what my clients have to say about working with me.

"I cannot believe the difference in my symptoms"

I’ve been working with Bee for 4 weeks now. I cannot believe the difference in my symptoms they have almost felt non-existent, I’m wearing my crop tops again, feel light again, and after suffering with heavy bloating and constipation, my brain fog has completely gone 🙊… we still have time to go as well and I’m excited to see what we can achieve. 

Bee has listened to everything I said and treated me based on my symptoms to figure out MY root cause for my SIBO, its not just a random protocol. I’m happy so far, and excited for what’s next, thank you so much


"Bee has helped me to start to turn my health around in a matter of weeks"

After suffering with a range of symptoms like constant bloating, bowel problems and other gut issues and being ignored or misdiagnosed by doctors, Bee has helped me to start to turn my health around in a matter of weeks. I feel so much better already, Bee has a wealth of knowledge and has always made sure I understand what we have discussed and the steps she outlines me to take. I couldn’t be happier with the progress! Thank you Bee x


"I can safely say every single one of the symptoms have completely gone."

Bee has genuinely changed the quality of my life.

I had anxiety, facial flushing, night sweats, severe bloating, neuropathy issues, rashes, tiredness/fatigue, persistent thrush, constipation, acid reflux, severe cramp, strange tingling sensations, generally feeling un well and just ‘not right’.

I can safely say every single one of the symptoms above have completely gone.

Not only that, but having struggled with severe asthma for 15 years, taking strong steroid inhalers and being admitted to hospital for treatment. I now no longer need my inhalers, and any asthmatic symptoms I once had have completely vanished- I’m still in disbelief that I no longer need an inhaler in my daily life- truly a miracle.

Through Bee’s advice and recommendation I also had many tests one of which showed the extent of my gut damage and Bee was able to clarify exactly what that meant and what we could do to help heal my gut which is something we’ve been working on.

I also tested to have high levels on mycotoxins in my body. This is from living in a home which had damp and mould issues and I never knew quite how harmful this could be. Without Bee I would have never know this and I would have really struggled on my path to healing but now I know how to deal with this without causing more harm.

I’ve also successfully conceived after only one month of trying and after being on the pill for 15 years. I was genuinely concerned that my body might take some time to successfully conceive because of all the health issues I’ve had in the past and I do truly believe that it’s down to all the amazing work I have done with Bee to heal my body that I have fallen pregnant so quickly.


"Within the first 2 weeks I've felt more relief than ever before"

I’ve been struggling with quite severe digestive issues for as long as I can remember. When it got unbearable I was diagnosed with SIBO and treated by a doctor with absolutely no results.

Bee was a godsend, she was more in depth and holistic than any other doctor could. She’s given me advice on not only how to improve my physical health but also mental health and how to keep stress – the root cause of literally everything – away.

She gave me tips on how to integrate the changes into my life and my ever changing schedule as painlessly and seamlessly as possible.


"People are asking me “Have I had work done!”

After suffering with bloating, bowel urgency, and generally feeling under the weather for several years, I have been to numerous medical specialists and had countless investigations to try and get to the bottom of something that seriously started to impact my health.
I organised a weekly consultation with Bee who has transformed my wellbeing and digestive issues to the point where people are asking me “Have I had work done!” Bee has painstakingly got to the root of my gut issues and she is extremely thorough in her approach.


"I have gone from feelings of hopelessness to optimal health”​

I have contacted Bee when am really feeling hopeless with gut problems. Bee really helped me in going through certain tests and made me understand what’s going on in my gut and also overall health based on my other health issues of thyroid and how they are interlinked. 
I have gone from feelings of hopelessness to optimal health and really want to express my gratitude for her guidance. I will highly recommend Bee to anyone who wants to improve their health.


"It really has been an eye opening experience about my health!"

I’ve been having gut issues for a long time and Bee has been helping to also identify the root cause of my hormone imbalances. She’s been incredibly thorough, has a vast amount of nutritional expertise and has been dedicated to helping improve my symptoms.
I have learned so much from her that I will continue incorporating into my daily life. It really has been an eye opening experience about my health and I can’t thank her enough!


"I feel better at 52 than I have done for years"

Before I started working with Bee I had very low energy and felt anxious and depressed a lot of the time. I had had years of problems with my digestion and thyroid, finding the doctor’s prescriptions covered symptoms but did not solve the underlying problems. When I broke out in acne rosacea that proved impossible to get rid of over two years, I started some research of my own that led me to Bee, in my search for a SIBO nutritionist.

Since then she has helped me uncover the causes of my health difficulties (backed with lab testing) and given me the moral support to make changes to my diet and lifestyle. I particularly like her sympathetic and personable approach. Through her consultations and by following her advice I have cured myself of parasites, thyroid issues, sibo, sleep problems, low energy and mood. I feel better at 52 than I have done for years and positive that any future health difficulties could be overcome with Bee’s help.


"Following a test for SIBO I met Bee and within days the pain stopped."

I have suffered with stomach issues for over five years and have been in pain for six days a week. I met with Bee and within a few days the pain had stopped.  Thank you so much Bee, I can now smile again.


"Within weeks of being on a programme my digestive health started to improve significantly."

Within weeks of being on a programme my digestive health started to improve significantly. I would strongly recommend Bee to anyone who is experiencing any digestive problems or any other related issues.


"We are so pleased, our sons gut symptoms are completely resolved"

We have been working with Bee to help our son who has been having gut issues and absence seizures. We initially contacted Bee to help us with some testing but she has done so much more to help us and we are very grateful. Bee has helped us to completely transform our sons diet and change to a much healthier way of life. She has helped guide us through testing and gave us a thorough understanding of the results. Any questions we have had she has explained in a way that was easy to understand and has a wealth of knowledge. Her supplement advice has been brilliant and she has also gave great advice on ways to help a young child take the supplements, which was very helpful. 

We are so pleased with the amount of progress we have had so far with our sons gut symptoms completely resolved and his seizures have greatly decreased, we are seeing more improvements each month on the protocols which is fantastic. Thankyou Bee x


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