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I had been struggling with some gut related issues for a few years. When my symptoms got too much and the doctor hadn’t found anything through blood tests and an endoscopy I decided to take matters into my own hands. I made contact with Bee and from the very beginning I could tell she wanted to help me and that she was very knowledgeable on all things gut related. I have now been working with her for a few month and I am delighted to say that most of my symptoms (abdominal pain, severe nausea, headaches, and bloating) are either greatly reduced or have gone completely. Bee has helped me to take control of my life and begin to make choices from a place of knowledge on what I’m eating and why it will help me. Bee has even helped me with hormone balance as I’d described some PMS symptoms and she explained that it was due to excess Oestrogen in my system and like the gut symptoms the PMS is almost completely gone but when I do get them they are manageable and very mild.


After suffering with a range of symptoms like constant bloating, bowel problems and other gut issues and being ignored or misdiagnosed by doctors, Bee has helped me to start to turn my health around in a matter of weeks. I feel so much better already, Bee has a wealth of knowledge and has always made sure I understand what we have discussed and the steps she outlines me to take. I couldn’t be happier with the progress! Thank you Bee


I’ve been working with Bee for 4 weeks now. I can not believe the difference in my symptoms they have almost felt non existent, im wearing my crop tops again, I feel light again, after suffering with heavy bloating and constipation, my brain fog has completely gone 🙊… we still have time to go aswell and I’m excited to see what we can achieve. Beth has listened to everything I said and treated me based on my symptoms to figure out MY root cause for my sibo, its not just a random protocol. I’m happy so far, and excited for what’s next, thank you so much x


After suffering with bloating, bowel urgency, and generally feeling under the weather for several years, I have been to numerous medical specialists and had countless investigations and procedures done to try and get to the bottom of something that seriously started to impact my health.
I organised a weekly consultation with Bee who has transformed my well being and digestive issues to the point where people are asking me “Have I had work done!” Bee has painstakingly got to the root of my gut issues and she is extremely thorough in her approach.
If you are considering doing something positive about your health, don’t hesitate to book a course with Bee, be good to yourself, you’re worth it!


I started working with Bee back in September. I was experiencing painful bloating, energy crashes and recurrent gyne issues. Bee has a very calming, non judgemental and reassuring manner, I felt instantly reassured and actually positive about tackling my challenging issues. Bee’s knowledgeable and thorough approach gave me the tools to work on my diet and make big changes to my lifestyle. When other issues became apparent, my protocol was reworked to prioritise my concerns. I am so grateful for the ongoing support and cannot recommend Bee enough- thank you!


I only ever used to focus on diet, which led to a lot of stress in my life – this seemed to exacerbate all of my health issues, which I only realise now looking back. Beth helped me to address toxicity issues in my body, hormonal imbalances, suspected candida overgrowth, dependence on pharmaceutical medications, worsening asthma, insomnia, anxiety, joint pain, chronic fatigue, digestive issues and other issues. Beth was on hand most of the time to answer questions and concerns that I had. She motivated me to push through to get the results I wanted.

Seeking the help of Beth was pivotal in my healing and I didn’t believe it could be done. Gone are the nights awake at 3am consulting Dr Google, and the drowsy days on anti-histamines and jumping in the shower 6 times a night to soothe my burning skin


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