Workplace wellbeing programs

Wellbeing in the workplace is more important than it has ever been. 

Discover the employee wellbeing initiatives & workplace wellbeing programs I run.

Workplace wellbeing programs

Wellbeing in the workplace is more important than it has ever been. 

Discover the employee wellbeing initiatives & workplace wellbeing programs I run.

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Workplace wellbeing

“Bee has done a number of workshops for our clients on menopause and mental health at work. I would like to thank Bee for her informative and thought provoking workshops that have enabled my clients to navigate this tough area in the correct manner”

Chris Smith – Croner

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Recognise Your Current Workplace Wellbeing Challenges?

Are you, as a manager, concerned about the impact of employee absenteeism, presenteeism, leavism or retention on budgets and productivity?

Perhaps you are a senior HR, reward & benefits professional responsible for employee wellbeing strategies and have been tasked with building an effective workplace wellbeing program that benefits both your employees and the overall business.

Or maybe you already have a strategy but are not getting employee engagement?

“Bee led a session at our company meeting which focused on nutrition in the workplace to help us understand the right foods to eat to help us maintain energy levels and concentration throughout our working day. Bee was articulate in explaining the benefits on healthy eating habits, which allowed for a lively discussion on topics such as food branding and the amount of sugar food contains.  Bee also made the session interactive by including a healthy tasting session which allowed people to try healthy substitutes, the session definitely improved our employees self-awareness on their food choices.  The session was enjoyed by all and definitely left us with food for thought!”

Claire & Clare – Private Pharmaceutical Company    

Behind the Scenes: What Your Employees Really Face

I speak daily with employees who experience symptoms that affect their performance, from headaches, fluctuating energy levels, digestive issues, memory and concentration issues, hormonal issues, depression and anxiety, many of which can be early warning signs of burnout.

They keep these symptoms to themselves for fear of judgment from their employers in their ability to perform their work roles, yet it is clear to me that after implementing my advice and guidance around simple dietary and lifestyle changes, both their performance and confidence in the workplace increase.

Nutrition and lifestyle changes can support a healthy workforce. They have a great impact on stress resilience and mental health. Stress compromises the immune system and with increasing absenteeism due to covid and long covid, any dietary and lifestyle measures that employees can implement to support their immune health will of course be of benefit.

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Research shows that personalised employee benefits can increase average profits by 4.2x in comparison with competitors who take a one-size-fits-all approach.

Discover how you can support your employees and their wellbeing in the workplace.

Tailored Workplace Wellbeing Programs

Tailored workplace wellbeing programs that encompass employee wellness can provide concrete solutions by empowering your employees to take control over their own health outcomes through preventative nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

My name is Bee Innes and, having a background myself in both management and training and development and having suffered from workplace stress and burnout myself in my past life, I’ve become passionate about delivering such workplace wellbeing programs to organisations as a registered nutritionist.

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Complimentary Employee Wellbeing Review

An exploration of your company’s wellbeing challenges and goals with the aim of  identifying solutions

Talks /
Lunch & Learns / Workshops

Examples include:
Stress Busting Nutrition
Managing Menopause
Disability Awareness
Energy All Day

Wellbeing Content
for your intranet / wellbeing hub

Choose from:

Pop-Up Clinics
for your

A 30 minute consultation to look at health goals and move forward with some  recommendations for your employees

“Full of really useful information, learnt a lot”

“Great kickstart to the year to start a new healthy lifestyle”

“Lots of content, no judgment, knowledgeable trainer”

Book your Complimentary Employee Wellbeing Review

I offer a complimentary 30 minute Health and Energy Taster Session to organisations to explore how you can make your wellbeing programs for employees engaging and of benefit to both employee and employer. 

Just click the button below and select a date and time that works for you.

If you can’t find a time that suits you, just send me an email and let me know your enquiry.

workplace wellbeing programs


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